PROAS4 sets the course for the completion of the project during the second consortium meeting

The second meeting of the PROAS4 consortium took place on October 8th. The groups participating in the initiative reviewed the activities developed so far and established the next ones to follow.
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PROAS4 – Promoting European AS4 Access Points

The main objective of the PROAS4 project is to implement the AS4 protocol and upgrade the Service Metadata Publishers (SMP) of 5 certified PEPPOL Access Points (AP). eDelivery makes savings in the cost of creating, maintaining and operating document and data exchange networks. 
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Getting closer to the CEF eConformance testing

As the PROAS4 project progresses, DIGITAL CAB is approaching the CEF eConformance test, to which it's looking forward to.
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The PROAS4 consortium begins to work on the implementation of the project

The PROAS4 project continues to progress with the end of the planning phase of the initiative's requirements analysis tasks. The work towards its implementation by the consortium members has begun.
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Successful migration to AS4

PinkRoccade has been working to support AS4, which has resulted in the positive compliance statement from OpenPEPPOL for its eInvoicing solution. OpenPEPPOL is the non-profit organization that issues guidelines and standards for the exchange of e-invoices within organizations in Europe.
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PROAS4 – Promoting European AS4 Access Points

Easy Systems is participating in the PROAS4 Action. The main objective of this project is to implement the AS4 protocol and upgrade the Service Metadata Publishers (SMP) of 5 certified PEPPOL Access Points (AP) for the cross-border exchange of electronic documents.
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ESAM coordinates the European project PROAS4 and participates in eID4Spain-19

ESAM Tecnología coordinates the project PROAS4, an initiative which aims to implement AS4 protocol and update the SMP of five PEPPOL Access Points of the project consortium companies. Likewise, ESAM participates in the project eID4Spain, which goal is the connection of public administration to eIDAS Spanish node. Both projects are financed by the European Union.
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Promoting European AS4 Access Points

DIGITAL CAB has been selected together with our partners in the consortium to spread PEPPOL and AS4 and we look forward to working with the consortium.
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