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Activity 1: Project Management


The main objective of this activity is to supervise and monitor the implementation of the project by the coordinator and technical manager (ESAM) according to the conditions established in the Grant Agreement. The activity consists of the following tasks:

  • Financial and administrattive management.
  • Technical issues and deliverables.
  • Quality Assurance.


Activity 2: Communication and dissemination


The main objective of this activity is to prepare and execute action plans for the communication and spreading of the project results at European level from both the consortium and each beneficiary's perspective. This activity consists of the following tasks:

  • Definition and preparation of the Communication Actions.
  • Project website, social media and communication channels.
  • Communication actions by each participant.
  • Individual Dissemination Reports.


Activity 3: Technical Requirement Analysis and Implementation Plan


The main objective of this activity is to develop and elaborate all the preparatory tasks for the technical implementation of the AS4 profile and the SMPs in each AP of the consortium. Tasks under this activity are as follows:

  • Technical guidance for the participants by the technical manager.
  • Technical Requirements Analysis and Implementation Plan by each participant.


Activity 4: AS4 and SMP Implementation (Pink Roccade, Transalis, Elcom, Easy Systems and Digital Cab)


This activity aims at setting up the AS4 and SMP for each Access Point of the 5 EDI Providers of the consortium from different Member States (the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Denmark). Each implementation will use open source components and will include the following tasks:

  • AS4-eDelivery Implementation and Connection to the SMP by each provider.
  • Interoperability tests organised by the technical manager, implying all the providers in pairs.
  • CEF Conformance tests by each provider.
  • CEF Connectivity tests by each provider.
  • Go-live, operation and individual technical report by each provider.